Therapy is often misunderstood.

I am writing this post today for anyone who has ever considered therapy. If you have never gone, you may have this preconceived idea of what it is like. Many think they are going to be laying on a couch and answering “how did that make you feel?’ questions.

To be truthful, I have asked “how did that make you feel?” questions. But therapy is so much more than that. Therapy helps individual set goals for their lives. Yes, we do look into the past, but my sessions really focus on the future. YOU pick your goals, your ideal life, and we work to make steps towards those goals.

Some things to remember about the therapy process:

Therapy is not always fun, sometimes we learn deep and dark truths about ourselves. Therapy makes you more aware and cognizant as to why you do the things you do. That can be scary, but don’t worry! We will work together to process those actions and fears.

It takes time and everyone’s timeline is different. Everyone who comes in to therapy is there for a different purpose or reason. Don’t be hard on yourself if you are not seeing as much progress as you’d like after the first few weeks. Some issues are harder to work through but when you do, the results are sweeter.

Therapists WON’T just tell you how to fix it. I’ve had clients who come in to therapy asking, “What am I supposed to do to feel better?” Most therapists, I’d think, can’t give you a specific answer.  What they can tell you though, is to feel better, you need to create a balanced life, manage stress, and work through faulty thinking patterns to reach your best life. We will learn together what the best steps are for YOU to feel better.

Lara Abounayan, Associate MFT