Chronic Illness


It is mental, emotional, and psychological. Let’s face it, chronic illness can be exhausting. At times, we experience psychological symptoms such as anxiety and panic due to chronic stress and uncertainty. At times, we feel isolated and lonely. And when we do try to connect with others, we may feel that even those with the best intentions just don’t get it. You are not alone.
Having illness enter your life at a young age is difficult in a unique way. You may feel robbed of your youth and a loss of independence. You may feel FOMO towards friends. You may feel that you are not hitting the milestones of being an adult like you are supposed to. These feelings are valid.
I work from the tenant that illness is  “a part of me but not all of me.” You are so much more than your illness. You have goals, desires, and strengths. You add value to this world.
I work to help clients break down and accept the road blocks chronic illness drop in our way.


  1. dating and sex
  2. career and education, talking to employers about restrictions and limitations
  3. becoming a parent and parenting
  4. maintaining relationships; especially with those who don’t understand
  5. feeling safe in your body
  6. moving through the world with confidence
We will take a look at these road blocks and ask “How can we pivot? How can we view the problem from a different lens? How can we make the problem less of a problem?”
I work to create a collaborative, warm, and safe space for you to process difficult emotions, challenge unhelpful patterns of thinking, and create a wholehearted life that respects your truth.
Living with a medical condition is hard for the people who love and support you as well. I work with families and couples, as well, to ensure that all members’ needs, emotions, and fears are heard and valued.

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