Hello! You are browsing my page today because you are thinking of making a change in your life. Welcome! You have taken a courageous and intimidating step.

Speaking of steps, I work from the philosophy that small steps can lead to big changes! I have seen this to be true in my own life, as well as through my work with clients. My approach is strength based and solution focused. I believe that no one knows your experiences better than you do, and you are the expert in the story of your life. My role as a therapist, is to guide you through this journey, process difficult emotions and experiences, and help you gain a different perspective, to reach your goals.

I firmly believe that there is a connection between, the mind and what mental state we are in, and the body, and help clients experiencing anxiety or trauma understand and process difficult thoughts, feelings, and sensations to find more balance in their lives.


My name is Lara Abounayan and I am an associate marriage and family therapist (#107180) under the supervision of Lara Mekhitarian (#78395). I work with individuals, couples, and families, focusing on anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting difficulties, and chronic illness.


I have worked with individuals (ages 6-65), couples, and families at the Armenian Relief Society’s Child, Youth, and Family Guidance Center. Most of my work focused on anxiety, depression, chronic illness, relationship difficulties, and trauma, particularly immigration trauma and acculturation issues. I also have worked extensively with parents and their children who were experiencing behavioral issues.


I received my Masters in Counseling, specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University Northridge. Prior to that, I attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I am bilingual in English and Armenian. I have experience conducting therapy in both languages.

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